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UNYWNK Trailer

Navigating these streets isn't for everyone. So I'm gonna make it easy on you and serve up this gorgeous nasty city one piece, part, place, and bite at a time. This is Unique New York with Nathan Kaufman!

The Greek Coffee Cup

Did you know there is a New York icon that fits in the palm of your hand? Here is the hidden history you never knew.

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day has a rich history in New York City so I hit the streets to drink a few drinks and discover the stories behind the celebrations.

New York’s First Jews

An incredible true story that started with just 23 people.

Washington Irving and the Origins of Gotham

Washington Irving... Washington Irving... that name rings a bell.... oh, yeah! He wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as well as many other great works. He is responsible for a number of aspects of NYC culture and still affects American pop-culture almost 100 years later. Learn more on this weeks episode!

A City So Nice They Named It Twice

If someone tells you they are from New York City, ask them where in the city and they will tell you the borough. Ask them where in the borough and they will tell you the neighborhood. Ask them where again and they will tell you the street. There are a lot of names that specify locations in New York City but where do all these names come from? Let's explore!

Cherry Blossoms and the Survivor Tree

Did you know New York City has more green spaces than skyscrapers? We also have one particular tree with a truly miraculous story.

Secrets of the subway

We're heading deep underground this week to reveal some amazing secrets of the New York Subway.

Before Central Park

A look back at the very beginning of New York City, over 300 million years ago. Today we're exploring what was here before NYC's most iconic location: Central Park.

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